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Bobcat 7TL Bob-Tach Bucket

Bobcat 7TL Bob-Tach Bucket


Easily dig, grade, load or transport materials by adding a loader to your Bobcat® compact tractor.
Built with production in mind, Bobcat tractor loaders have the capacity to lift heavy loads and carry large capacities of material to complete the job in fewer trips. A simple mounting system allows hook up or removal of the loader to the tractor to be done in minutes.

The dual Bobcat hydraulic pumps, together with greater tractive effort, provide consistent, ample power for lifting. A bucket level indicator is constantly in your view, preventing spillage and boosting your carrying capabilities. Add an optional Bob-Tach™ mounting system to your front-end loader to enable the use of select skid-steer attachments, providing you to quickly change from a bucket to pallet forks, front mount auger, digger or snow blade with no tools.

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