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Silver Fox Plate Compactor 

Silver Fox Plate Compactor 


A forward-mounted eccentric and a 15o ramped leading edge produces exceptionally fast forward travel speeds and optimum gradeability.  

A patented one-piece base plate integrated with the extra-large eccentric housing dissipates internal heat over the plate, cooling the oil and the eccentric bearings while heating the plate surface for smooth asphalt compaction.  Cooling the oil also extends bearing life.


A synchronized drive system provides better energy transfer between the engine and eccentric. The Stone exclusive premium Kevlar® belt, eccentric, innovative offset eccentric sheave, heavy-duty centrifugal clutch and engine all operate in unison to increase compacting performance.

The self-cleaning base plate virtually eliminates dirt build-up for easier maintenance. 

An extra large 13 qt.  removable water tank is easy to take to a faucet for fill-ups.

A patented water system directs an even coat of water for the entire base surface.  It is connected to the water tank with a Stone exclusive SnapTek™ quick-coupler.

A roll cage, with central lift points, to protect the engine and components.

Easy access to the engine and eccentrics by slipping off the water tank and removing the belt cover. Four common wrenches and a screwdriver are all that is required for engine and base plate service.


  • 3 Hour
  • Day